Cryotherapy as recovery.

Many people use cold showers or baths to help recover from training – Polaris Wellness in Hong Kong have now opened, and we got some more information about what they do.

The History Of Cryotherapy

Applying something cold to an injury or ache has been an accepted medical treatment for centuries. In fact, localized Cryotherapy dates to the 1600s, with the Greek term “cryo” meaning “cold,” and “therapy” meaning “cure.”

However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that whole body Cryotherapy was introduced in Japan, primarily as a way to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors noticed that by rapidly cooling the surface of the skin (through the use of liquid nitrogen in a Cryotherapy sauna), joint pain and soreness decreased.


Whole body Cryotherapy helps athletes recover faster from intense workouts without the discomfort of a traditional ice bath, by increasing cellular survival, boosting the immune system and encouraging energy flow, Cryotherapy speeds up muscle recovery, reduces tissue damage and decreases inflammation.



Also we have localised Cryotherapy which will also help with pain relief, using a system that deploys active cold treatment will draw more heat away from the injury site, leading to more efficient temperature reduction, controlled swelling and better pain reduction. Athletes such as LeBron James (MBA) Floyd Mayweather (BOXER) Michael Phelps (SWIMMER) Mo Farah (RUNNER) all use Cryotherapy to recover.

Thanks to Polaris Wellness for this information.

If you’re interested to learn more you can contact them here:

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