Can juice cleansing make you run faster?

Juice Cleansing and Running

Written by Genie Juicery/ October 2016

We have a lot of customers who are regular runners that cleanse in the weeks leading up to their big race. They have said it feels like servicing a car –their body is more efficient at burning fat, nutrients are absorbed better and several kilograms of waste in their colon is pooped out! The other benefits they have reported is that the cleanse saves them time as they spend so much time preparing their other meals. Our cold pressed juices, smoothies, nut milks and protein shakes makes their life easier as they can just grab one from their fridge. The week of the race they prefer to add the juices to their diet instead of swapping out meals, as it gives their diet some variance.

Generally, a juice cleanse can last anywhere from 1 to 6 days. At Genie Juicery, you have 8 bottles of fruit and vegetable juice to consume throughout the day. After one day of cleansing (8 bottles) you can consume up to 12kg of fruits and vegetables. The idea behind the Genie cold pressed juice cleanse is it is easy to digest a large intake of fruits and veggies in their raw state, while benefitting from nature’s richest sources of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Drunk in their juice form, these valuable nutrients pass rapidly into the blood stream because they require very little breaking down in the digestive tract.


HK Running spoke to some athletes who have tried the juice cleanses to see what they say:

Rachel – who previously wrote an article about juicing which can be found here

“In essence, it is a form of calorie-restricted fasting, which I think has huge benefits, especially for endurance athletes. Without getting into the science, studies have shown that fasting has a positive effect on our immune system. Basically by sending it into a state of stress, our bodies adapt. Very good for endurance runners who put a lot of stress on their bodies and, especially if they’re at a low weight, may have problems with their immunity.
The problem with juicing, as I see it, is that drinking too much fruit juice is very high in sugars (fructose). When you strip away the fiber to get the juice, you’re getting a lot of liquid sugar essentially! And yes, there are huge nutritional benefits, but you’re having a big impact on your pancreas and spiking your blood sugar levels, which isn’t great. So yes, juice, but be cautious of your juice blends and make sure they’re mostly veggies and not all fruits
Another benefit of periods of calorie restriction and fasting is you fat burning adaption- you learn to better burn fat which is good for ultra runners”.
Nic – from Race Base HK – “I didn’t notice too much in terms of energy loss but I was craving for coffee and sweet things. Didn’t get too many hunger pangs. At the end of the week I ran my fastest 10k PB. Coincidence? Possibly. Lost a few pounds so that may have helped. However, the juice cleanses are quite expensive, it’s possible to do your own at home”.


Juice cleansing has been around for years. There is a triple win with juice cleansing as you are getting a speedy absorption of nutrients into your diet, your detoxifying organs get a break from the usual processed foods, drinks that are full of additives, heat treated, processed sugars, caffeine etc, and thirdly your giving your bodies cells a chance to heal and regenerate.

Our Gym Buddy Cleanse is also quieting popular as they contain 2 raw vegan protein shakes, which help boost up the calories intake and help with the recovery after training. As runners know when we run we create small ‘tears ‘ in our muscles. It is post these small tears that we begin to see changes in our muscle build up – more toned, stronger, better endurance! Immediately post a run is the prime time your body is in need of a hit of protein so your body will to heal and grow. Solid food takes more time to digest and breakdown so the option of a liquid protein shake is a viable one, taking an average of 30 minutes to reach the muscle after ingestion.

At Genie Juicery, we have over 30 varieties of our fruit and vegetable cold pressed juices, smoothies, nut milks, vegan probiotics, cleansing waters and protein shakes available online and in store also a selection of vegan salads and snacks! Please feel free to call in and speak to any our friendly team if you any questions!

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