10 Tips for your best 5K in 2018

Congratulations! you’ve signed up for a 5km! Whether this is your first or 100th, here are some top tips for you to keep in mind.

Good Luck!

1) If you are a distance or time fanatic and can’t stop looking at your watch, then your new rule is to look at your watch after halfway only. Preferably in last 1/4. Then you should decide what time to go for, or speed to go at for the last push.


2) Forget Time and Pace. If you have been training, you will do well…don’t focus so much on your lap times and staying on pace – that’s what training was for. Use the run as a chance to feel your effort, ask yourself “How do I feel”, “Should I slow down or can I go faster”. Run mindfully, and enjoy your body working hard and let yourself experience the benefit of all the training you have done.


3) Tactics! Don’t start too hard and fast! The one major problem most people have is they go too hard at the start and end up exhausted by the half way and then finish slow. Start consciously slower – make sure you ‘feel tired but still fine’ by the half way point.  Then turn on the gas in the last half and finish strong. Boom!


4) Make sure you wear something awesome that makes you feel strong and fit. 😉


5) Have a great running mantra. Eg.

“I am fit, I am strong”

“I trained for this. I got this”

“I am about to break the sound barrier baby! Here we go!”


6) Music. If you really love running to music create a perfect playlist that is the same time as your run will be. Or check out the HK Running or Women’s Five Spotify running playlist

Women’s Five: https://open.spotify.com/user/hk-running/playlist/7HrmcVZVcd0jUtxqW3OvWH

HK Running: https://open.spotify.com/user/hk-running/playlist/3IDDuhIAtONbMG1LwVrQhH


7) Food/drink. Make sure you’re hydrated and well fed the day before. Have something digestible between 1.5 or 2 hrs before the start like banana and toast with honey. Try and limit anything within an 45 min – 1hr before the run. You can drink water early in the morning, but if u have water before the start – a good rule is nothing more than 200ml within 1 hr of the start. This will prevent you getting a stitch during the run.


8) Warm up. Make sure you do a small jog (around 1km, or enough to get warmed up)  leg swings, squats and some dynamic stretching (lunges) before the start. You want to start warm and breathing like you have already started a workout.


9) Smile during the run! Make sure you to look around and take it all in!


10) Meet someone new and give as many high fives as possible!


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