About Us

We are lovers of the run. Find the best places to run in Hong Kong!
We are a team of passionate runners who have spent years exploring and doing races in Hong Kong, but always found it hard locating new areas to go without having to do extensive research, ask for accurate route descriptions, or dig up transport information. This left us constantly running the same routes we always knew, and our runs turned into boring routines instead of the adventures they once were.

We wanted to create a site where you and your friends can explore new and great running locations with ease, as well as one that hosts useful information to improve your running.

The site features multi-background mapping options for each route, transport and route notes, creative route names, along with running education and safety information, and a dedicated forum to ask questions or find answers about all things running.

We cover road, trail and athletic track locations in Hong Kong. You’ll find all the classics –  as well as the hidden gems you didn’t know about. We have hand picked (and run) all these routes to make sure they are worthy, and hopefully bring some adventure and soul back into your run!


See you out there!