42 minutes
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42 Minutes?
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Hong Kong
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This was a personal project of mine where I did 3 marathon distance runs in 3 days. It was the first of 3. Not the best route in terms of making sense but a good one none the least that covers some nice ground. Toilets available next to the playground above Starbucks at the start. Take enough water for the whole run. You can always go up to Wan Chai Gap Playground if need to – water fountain there (at about 16.3km).
Finishes at the start of Bowen Road

Route: The route has some crazy loops, but it’s pretty simple: Each time the route splits (there are 4 splits), keep/turn right at each one- on the way back, same thing – keep/turn right at each of the 4 splits, doing the route in a anti-clockwise direction


Get there:
From Central get bus 15, or mini bus 1A get off at Peak Galleria

Get back:
Afterward, from Bowen Road, head back down to the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre or get a bus into central from Cotton Tree drive (beginning of Bowen Rd).

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