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Happy Feet
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Hong Kong
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Route Flythrough


A great, short run for the kids and those looking to get off the concrete and have some city fun. Starting at Any of the ferry piers head along the waterfront toward and past the ferris wheel – once to see the grass- which you can run on you are free to choose your own route! Jump around, enjoy the softnessand run through the sprinklers that turn on from time to time. Head up hill toward Admirality. At the top there is a turnaround, come back down, do some loops and head back along the front of the promenade – stopping to catch your breath and enjoy the city views.


Get there: Walk through IFC on Hong Kong side to the Central Ferry Piers.Public toilets available in IFC or near pier 1

Get back: Head back into central from the finish – or catch a taxi or bus from outside piers 2-4

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