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Misty Mountains
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Hong Kong
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An amazing route right off the beach that takes you to the top of Violet Hill with some incredible views. This is also the Action Asia Repulse bay 2019 sprint course. Called misty mountains because on Violet Hill you couldn’t see more than 20m from the mist!

From the beach turn right when facing 7-11 and then first left turn on road heading uphill steep road to South Bay Road and left again up South Bay road to next round-a-bout (near Petrol station) then right turn up South Bay Close that takes you up a dead end with stairs on left leading to trail to Repulse Bay Gap (Tsin Shui Wan Au). LEFT turn up Wilson trail stairs until first intersection 100m up and left turn on Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path trail contouring around Violet Hill. Stay on trail all the way which eventually after 2km turns into a cement catchwater and stay on all the way until the very end at Wong Nai Chung Gap and turn right up stairs. This trail leads up around 1km past a white trig, drops down 100m into a valley then up a dirt trail again until a signed junction where you turn right on Wilson Trail and head down path which has some stair sections until same 4 way junction you passed earlier. Go straight and take same trail you came up earlier back down to South Bay Close, then on road downhill turning LEFT on South Bay Road and turn right down by shopping centre and turn LEFT by 7-11 and you’re back on repulse bay beach.

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Get there:
From Central Exchange Square get bus no 260, 6, 6A, 6X, or 66. Get off at Repulse Bay Beach.

Get back:
Same buses back into Central.

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