porcupine path
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Porcupine Path
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Hong Kong
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A great little section that is mostly shaded and quiet. Running past some small waterfalls. If you choose to do this as a night run you may see the local HK Porcupines, can’t be missed, they are big!
This route takes you from Wan Chai Gap Playground to the Cricket Club on Wong Nai Chung Gap Road. Toilets and a water fountain are available at the start by the playground.


Get there:
From Central Exchange Square bus terminus you can get the double decker bus no 15, get off at Wan Chai Gap Road Bus Stop. Walk to the playground, start from here.

Get back:
When finished you can get the bus no 6 from Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Wong Nai Chung Gap Road Bus Stop right as you approach the main road, this takes you into Admirality then Central.

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