Quality street (new)
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Quality Street
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Hong Kong
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One of the most popular routes for HK road runners or power walkers.
It’s a flat 8km out and back, toilets and water fountain half way along at the pagoda.

To get there a good idea is to put your bags in Hong Kong Park Sports Centre at the base of the Peak Tram – free lockers, water and showers (HKID needed) then head up the stairs until you reach bowen road. See path on left (open in new window for size).
People will be there working out from morning or evening, very friendly great place to run.


Get there:
a) From Central you can walk to the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre (free lockers and showers here, need some form of ID. From here you walk up the stairs to bowen road about 10 mins)
b) From Central get minibus 1A, ask to stop at the beginning of Bowen Road (no lockers or showers at the start here)

Get Back:
Afterward, head back down to the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre or get a bus into central from Cotton Tree drive (beginning of Bowen Rd).
Alternativly you can stop at the far end of Bowen rd and get a bus or taxi into Causeway Bay.or upto The Peak.

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