She's just playin
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She’s Just Playin
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Hong Kong
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Another great run, the shorter version of ‘I Saw a Dinosaur’, this goes around Aberdeen Upper Reserveoir only. Named after the fact that we encountered a huge dog that in our view, saw us as lunch but the owner insisted she was just playing around.

Toilets and drinking fountain available at the start. Also a small snack shop.
The route is done in an anticlockwise direction. At the first intersection keep going straight.


Get there:
From Central Exchange Square bus terminus get the double decker bus no 15. Get off at Wan Chai Gap Road Bus Stop. Walk to the playground, start there.

Get back:
When done, you can get a bus up the peak, or from just across the road (where you got off the bus) the bus takes you back down into Causeway Bay or Central.

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