Star Struck
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Star Struck
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A classic run that will take you along Kowloon waterfront, all the while getting fantastic views of the Hong Kong city and skyline. Water and drinks available to buy near the start. There aren’t any places to put your bag (unless you have a car) so best to arrive in just what you need or have spare clothes in a small pack.

Route: The route takes you along the road pavement for a few hundred meters (as the avenue of stars is under construction), up and over the big bridge, then turn right down the stairs at the end, and stick to the waterfront the whole way. Turn around when you reach the big wall.

*The GPS track may be a a little off due to buildings – you follow the same route back – just stick to the waterfront and follow the way you came



Get there:

From Central you can get the famous Star Ferry over to Kowloon Tsim ShaTsui, and start at the watchtower.

Get back:

You can get the Star Ferry back over to Central. Take a taxi or bus from the watchtower, or make your way along Nathan Road to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.

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