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Suit and Tie
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Hong Kong
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Route Flythrough


You will see some of the best views of Hong Kong on this run.

The Route: Taking you around The Peak (either direction is good) – then downhill on Barker Road, at Wan Chai Gap playground cross the road and go down Wan Chai Gap Road onto Bowen Road, turn left and go all the way into Central.

You will pass quiet streets and backroads then along Hong Kong’s most famous road running route and finishing at the start of the famous Peak Tram.

*at the finish there is the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre with toilets, water and showers (no towels).


Get there: From Central get bus 15, or mini bus 1A get off at Peak Galleria. Or get the Pak Tram up to the start!

Get back: From the finish at the base of the peak tram/ Hong Kong Park Sports Centre you can walk into central to any MTR or bus/ taxi rank.

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