Weekend warrior (new)
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Weekend Warrior
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Lantau Island
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Great (just over) half marathon for those looking to get a big day of fitness in. Not easy but worth it. Lots of ascent and amazing views, this day is a big one so make sure you’re up for it.
You will be self sufficient once you start so take what you need!

Check our garmin route for distances, elevations, and expected times you can compare yours to.
Finish at Nam Shan, toilets there. Best to jump on a bus or taxi and go to Mui Wo for some much needed recovery drinks and food.


Get there:
Take the ferry from Central ferry pier no 3 to Discovery Bay. Walk to start.

Get back:
You will finish at Nam Shan – from here you can get buses to Mui Wo (for ferry to Central) or Tung Chung in the opposite direction (for MTR).

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