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Where is the nearest public drinking fountain to fill up my water bottle?

– We want athletes and everyone in HK to know where the closest public water fountains are.

– We also wanted to help reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles that are consumed.

“5.2 Million! – The number of plastic bottles used and dumped every day in HK”


  1. Keep you hydrated when you need it
  2. Reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles people consume. Now you know where the closest free and clean drinking water is – just bring your bottle with you and you don’t have to buy plastic water bottles that harm the environment!



Tip – If you click the location and then on the side bar press the arrow it will take you to google maps with live position of you and the location of the water fountain (as below – you may need to use 2 fingers to scroll around on the map with mobile)

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(Most of these locations are managed by the Leisure and cultural services department Hong Kong. If you know of any more, or have updated information about the locations please emails us and we can update the map : info@hkrunning.com)